Looking to save money on postage? An award-winning Frama franking machine can save your business thousands of pounds every year.

What is a franking machine?

Also known as a 'postage meter', a franking machine is used to print a barcode onto a letter or parcel in place of a traditional postage stamp.
It works by downloading postage funds and then guides the user when selecting mail classes, weights, and special services. A Frama franking machine then prints the postage directly onto the envelope, which means no more stamps, and no more trips to the post office. Frama-franked postage is ALWAYS cheaper than stamps, no matter what class is sent.


For any volume of mail, the savings that can be made are impressive. Even if your business only sends a few letters a day, then the investment into a franking machine pays off quickly. 

All Frama franking machines come with a Royal Mail licence to ensure compliance.

Other Advantages

  • A Frama machine is always cheaper than stamps, no matter what. The Mailmark tariff offers the best possible Royal Mail prices at all times.
  • At Frama, we believe in transparency, so we don't hide costs in the small print or surprise you with unannounced bills half way through the contract. 
  • Printing your own postage allows you to brand your post with your company logo and details, effectively turning the franking machine into a self-marketing tool.
  • Franked mail is often faster than stamps as the mail is expedited as high-priority business post.
  • No phone line required - older franking machines used to connect via your office phone line. All Frama machines now connect to the internet via LAN. Compared to older machines, this in itself can save up to £180 a year!

Which franking machine should I use?

Frama has a wide and varied range of machines, designed to suit any size of business and any volume of post.

If you're sending less than 100 items of post a week, we've now made it easier than ever to get a franking machine - simply click here to see our prices and offers, and order online. If your postage volume is a little higher, let us know and we'll give you the best price suited to your business.

At Frama, we've made the whole process of getting a franking machine for your business easy. We've removed all the hassle of endless emails and unfathomable quotes. Now you can get a franking machine with the click of a button - simply click here, fill out the form and get a franking machine. It's that simple.

We are the only franking machine provider to publish our prices, because we believe in transparency, and we don't hide hidden costs in the small print.

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