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Auditable email encryption, trackable and simple

  Unique solution    GDPR compliance    Verifiable   Audit-ready receipt


Frama Rmail provides the most secure email encryption for Outlook and Gmail with a simple plugin. No need for downloads, portals, or additional passwords for either the sender or the recipient.

Emails are the standard method of communication in today's business world, despite the inherent lack of security that everyday email solutions provide. With the proliferation of sensitive, personal data being exchanged via email both internally and externally, there has never been a more important time to ensure your data integrity.


Frama RMail GDPR

Registered Email with audit-ready proof of delivery

Documented compliance

If your business sends personally identifiable information via email, you are obligated to ensure this data is safe and secure under GDPR. Frama Rmail makes it easy to prove compliance
 The Registered Receipt serves as a legally valid record
Tamper-proof proof of delivery
Complete traceability of email transactions

 The ONLY email encryption service admissable in a UK court

Nachweis für E-Mail-Verschlüsselung

End-to-end encryption

Highest-level security
combined with ease-of-use

Frama Rmail has been designed around the user, with the simplest email interface combined with the highest level of security and a wealth of features designed to keep your data safe.
 No downloads, portals, or passwords for the recipient or sender
 Auto-decrypts for the recipient

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Frama RMail protect

Multiple Features as Standard

Designed to Protect Your Data

Frama Rmail has a wealth of features designed to ensure compliance and protection of sensitive data, to improve workflows, and make encryption simple.
Send files up to 1GB encrypted
 Limit the time a message is displayed
 Add additional passwords for extra-level of security


Wiederherstellung des ursprünglichen E-Mail-Inhalts im Streitfall

Send documents for e-signature

Accelerate contract sigining process
with no additional software

Add any document to an encrypted email for e-signature without the need for additional software, portals, downloads or passwords
Documents encrypted along with the email contents
 Safe, secure, and easy sending of personal or sensitive data
 Significantly speeds up the contract-signing process

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