You save £236.60 a year* if you send just 5 letters a day...

In the post-Covid world of uncertainty, hybrid-working, and economic caution, costs are critical.

If you're still sending stamped envelopes to your customers, you are paying too much.

There is another way...

A Frama franking machine saves you 13p on every First Class item you send, compared to stamps.

If you send just 5 items of post a day, thats a saving of £236.60 a year.*

If you send more than 5 letters a day, or larger letters, or even parcels, then the savings you can make over stamps are multipled exponentially.

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What is a franking machine?

Also known as a 'postage meter', a franking machine is used to print a barcode onto a letter or parcel in place of a traditional postage stamps. You simply pre-pay your postage onto the machine, and then the machine guides you when selecting mail classes, weights, and special services. The Frama franking machine then prints the postage directly onto the envelope, which means no more stamps.

Frama franking machines connect to the internet via a LAN line, and simply deduct the lowest possible postage cost from the pre-paid funds for every item.


For any volume of mail, the savings that can be made are impressive. Even if your business sends only a few letters a day, the savings are very real. Frama franking machines will ALWAYS be cheaper than stamps. The Mailmark tariff ensures the best possible prices at all times.

Other Advantages

Printing your own postage allows you to brand your post with your company logo and details, effectively turning the franking machine into a self-marketing tool and adding an extra level of professionalism. Additionally, franked mail is often faster than stamps as the mail is expedited as high-priority business post.

Frama franking machines have integrated scales, so you will always know the right postage to apply, which can save a huge amount of time if you are sending larger letters or parcels.

Why Frama?

Frama has been providing franking machines around the world for more than 40 years. It's what we do. Over the decades, we have saved organisations millions of pounds on postage costs.

We pride ourselves on our transparency - the price you see is the price you pay. We don't hide additional costs in the small print or surprise you with unannounced bills half way through the contract. Our customer care and after-sales process is the best in the business. It's why we have a 5-star rating on Trust Pilot. 



*Calculation based on 5 letters a day for a year, cost of Mailmark franking versus stamps.






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