A reduction in budget of £2.8bn across the sector since 2015. 91% of schools operating with less budget than they did last year. A widening attainment gap. Administration budgets being slashed. Recruitment at an all-time low. Class sizes of more than 36 pupils in some areas. One in nine children missing six hours of learning each week due to lack of food. 

Throw the national recovery from a pandemic into the mix and you have a highly challenging learning environment.

Frama has been working with schools, academies and trusts around the UK for more than 30 years. As the specialists in providing mailroom equipment for education, we have a strong understanding of these challenges, and we're to help in any way we can.

A 2019 study by Kellogg's that included 4,000 children and 950 teachers suggested that the impact of hunger on children in the classroom is 'huge'. It equates to children losing up to 6 hours of learning each week if they arrive at school hungry.

A staggering two thirds of teachers said that children had arrived in their classrooms hungry, and unable to learn. The children themselves agreed, with over half of them telling the study that they couldn't concentrate in the morning if they hadn't had breakfast.

It's a stark and troubling situation when families cannot provide enough food for children, and even worse when you consider the impact it has on their education and consequently their future prospects. For those children attending schools in areas of deprivation, a third of teachers admitted to giving children food out of their own pocket when they arrived at school hungry.

As Peter Cansell from the National Association of Primary Education said, "this research shows that those children that eat breakfast are happier because they have the energy and the enthusiasm to enjoy the school day. The benefits of pre-school clubs are proven, they ensure that children go into the classroom with the ability to concentrate."

This why Frama has teamed up with FareShare, the UK's biggest charity fighting hunger and food waste. Via Work for Good, Frama will donate £100 for every franking machine leased/purchased through the first two months of the school year (September/October 2021) to FareShare. This means, when you rent or buy a franking machine from us, not only are you saving your school thousands of pounds every year, you're helping to provide up to 400 meals for vulnerable children, providing them with a stable base for learning and removing some of the barriers that plague our education system.

To find out more about Frama's school initiative, and how your school can help click here, or complete the form on this page and one of our specialists will be in touch very soon. Alternatively, you can contact our education team directly at schools@frama.co.uk.

For FareShare, every donation helps. Even as little as £5 can help to provide food for up to 20 families. Click here to make a direct donation (link opens in a new window).


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