Frama Electronic Signatures

Frama Electronic Signatures allow a document to be signed online by anyone, anywhere in the world, on any device.

There is no download or even knowledge needed on the recipients side - they simply receive the document and when opened they are guided through the simple, step-by-step process.

  • Documents are sent securely, encrypted and monitored. Significantly speeds up the signing process, as no more waiting for documents to be printed, scanned, signed, and printed again.
  • Large file transfers - Frama document signing allows you to send files up to 1mb, with an unrivalled level of security. Our encryption has a 100% security record.
  • Speeds up process for remote workers - in the business world of 2021, many wokers are still WFH. This can pose a number of issues when it comes to document signing, as well as decreased levels of security. Frama electronic signatures provides peace of mind when it comes to secure data and speed.
  • Dashboard configuration - see what documents are waiting to be signed, which are overdue, and which have been completed simply and easily.

For an extra level of security, combine Frama Electronic Signatures with our Email Encryption software -  a package designed for the changing business world of 2021. This is the next generation in secure communications.

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