Safe and Secure Email Encryption for your Business

Communicate securely digitally.

Today, fast and secure communication is essential for the success of any company. Messages and files must be exchanged as quickly as possible - and above all securely and without manipulation, to anywhere around the world. In 2020, over 306 billion emails were sent every single day. By 2023, this is expected to be over 347 billion. Sensitive and confidential information such as personal data, bank details, business secrets, etc. are often exchanged lightly.

Emails have become the standard method of communication for both individuals and businesses, despite the lack of confidentiality and security that the majority of email providers supply. This lack of security can represent a prime opportunity for interception and alteration.

Our email encryption solves this issue by encrypting emails upon sending, and is a powerful tool for buinesses to take on the challenges which come with digital communication and data security, particularly in the world of 2021 with huge numbers of employees working from home.

In 2021, when the protection of sensitive data makes headline news there has never been a more appropriate time to safeguard your business communications.

Secure protection of confidential information

Send and receive emails and attachments securely. The one-click encryption directly from the existing email program is based on the Auto-TLS method, which automatically uses the optimal encryption. The encrypted email can be received and opened from any email address.

Proof of compliance with data protection requirements

With every message, RMail delivers a unique proof of delivery that proves the encrypted delivery of your message and demonstrates compliance with the legal requirements for data protection. This proof of delivery can be authenticated at any time. In the event of a possible data breach, you can therefore prove at any time that this can only have occurred after your message has been received by the recipient

Use in a familiar environment

RMail is installed as a plug-in in the existing e-mail program by download . The user can immediately and securely send confidential e-mails directly from his or her familiar e-mail program and using his/ her own e-mail address. The use of additional software is not necessary. RMail is easy and intuitive to use and can therefore be used immediately by less experienced computer users.

Highest recipient acceptance

Many encryption methods simply fail because of the acceptance of the recipient. There have been some examples of this in the past. The RMail encryption works with all e-mail clients on the recipient side and, with the compliance record, offers audit-proof GDPR evidence .

Electronic signatures

RMail offers various solutions for electronic signatures and enables you to provide documents and agreements with the most comprehensive legal and internationally recognized electronic signature. Gain flexibility and "sign" on your laptop, tablet or smartphone without the use of printers and postal shipping materials.

Sending large files

If you want to send large amounts of data by email, you often face the problem that most email providers only allow sending up to a certain file size. With LargeMail, sensitive information and attachments up to a size of 1 GB can be easily exchanged by email. Encrypted securely, conveniently and with a high level of evidential value - directly from the existing email system!

Email tools - functions for more convenience and privacy

RMail offers additional functions for even more security, integrity and efficiency in dealing with daily email communication. Special functions such as attaching private notes, PDF conversion, removal of metadata and much more.


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