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MailRoom Security

Securescan x-ray security scanner

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The demands on an organisation to protect the welfare of its personnel and critical infrastructure from attempts to disrupt operational continuity are topics requiring constant review in the modern day workplace.

The Frama SecureScan range of X-ray scanners provide the means for your company to scan, detect and neutralise any possible threats contained within incoming mail.

X-ray security scanners are ideal for;

  • Mail Rooms
  • Reception Areas (Scanning post)
  • Goods In (Screening parcels)
  • Executive mail screening
  • Loss prevention
  • Contraband detection

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Securescan x-ray security scanner

Image and unit performance

TFT Monitor 19” LCD

Image Resolution 1280x1024 pixels

Wire Resolution: 36AWG

Steel Penetration: 3mm

Securescan x-ray security scanner


Executive mail screening

Loss prevention

Contraband detection

Securescan x-ray security scanner

Operating requirements

Power Requirement: 240V/110V, 50/60Hz, 1000W

Operating Temperature: 0 - +40°C

Storage Temperature: -15C° - +50°C

Relative Humidity: 85% non condensing

Supplied with 1.5m power cable