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  • Frama stack weigh feature

Franking Machines

Mailmark ready F22 franking machine

Best for home and office use

The Matrix F series is the latest generation of Franking machines for a wide range of applications. Each Franking machine is designed to provide a significant saving on postal costs versus standard franking and stamps..

All Matrix F series products are operated with an exclusive OneTouch function for each Royal Mail product, eliminating the possibility of surcharges for postage underpayment. 

Swiss made, peace of mind

Frama has over 40 years of expertise in the development and manufacture of solutions within the mail-processing sector. High Quality reliable products are the foundation of our success. The strategic strengths of Frama arise from our efforts to take full advantage of the technological expertise of our team, which is located at our headquarters in Lauperswil, Switzerland. All Frama products including the Frama Franking machines are manufactured in Switzerland and carry the “Made in Switzerland” seal of quality.

How to use a franking machine?

  1. A Frama Matrix franking machine will always have the cheapest prices downloaded at all times.
  2. Place a mail item onto the scale on your franking machine.
  3. Select the Royal Mail service that you require; first class, second class, recorded or signed for.
  4. Next, select the logo that you would like to accompany the printed postage mark. This can be anything you choose, from your company logo to a event or campaign related message.
  5. Place the item into the feeder of the machine and the machine will pull the mail item through as print or "frank" the item.

Larger machines in the Frama range can have additional automation upgrades, including an automatic feeder, conveyor stacker and/or lable dispenser. 

Once you have franked your mail, you can either take it to your local Post Office using meter posting envelopes or if you send high volumes of mail, you can request Royal Mail to pick up your mail directly.

How does a Franking machine work?

All franking machines are licensed by the Royal Mail. When you want to send your mail items, you are able to use your franking machine to print a postage mark, or "frank", along with your company logo or message instead of using stamps. Your franking machine will weigh the item and print the correct postage amount based on the current Royal Mail prices. Franked postage rates are always cheaper than using stamps.

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What other products do Frama supply?

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Single Kontakt
Mailmark ready F22 franking machine


Always the cheapest Tariff

Simplified access to Royal Mail products

A more professional finish to items of mail

Automated postal tariff updates

Saves your business money

Mailmark ready F22 franking machine

Franking machine LAN Connection

The Ethernet RJ45 connection provides a fast and stable connection for data transfer between your Franking Machine and the FramaOnline2 system.

Tariff changes, slogan downloads and software updates are completed safely and quickly.

Mailmark ready F22 franking machine

Stack weighing scales

The pop-up weight display on the start menu displays the current weight at lightning speed and automatically calculates the postage.

Mailmark ready F22 franking machine

Touch screen operation

24 programmable OneTouch functions of the Frama franking machine F22 ensuring the most used postal tariff options are available quickly.

Generous sized display for ease of use.

The patented ComTouch™ user interface only displays the information that is needed by the user.