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Asset tracking software

Frama asset tracking software

Frama asset tracking software is a comprehensive cloud based bar code and RFID asset tracking and management system. It can be expanded to meet specific needs with the addition of a number of fully customisable modules.

Frama asset tracking software brings together a PC-based system with well-proven bar code technology and mobile devices, as well as the option to use RFID (radio frequency identification) to scan and record an organisation’s assets - ranging from IT hardware, furniture and telephony equipment to motor vehicles and even files and documents.

Information at your fingertips

Being cloud based, the Frama asset tracking software solution is fully accessible, anytime from anywhere. With a super-fast, easy to use web interface, tracking and managing assets has never been so quick and easy.

Know what you have

View assets by type, group or location. Add filters to extract data or export straight into excel. Schedule configurable reports to be generated and emailed.

Know where to find us

Assets can be moved from location to location. With a mobile device users can scan asset labels or read RFID tags to locate and move assets.

The online Frama asset tracking software web site logs these movements and displays the assets current location

Key features

  • The complete cloud based asset management solution
  • Comprehensive asset detail
  • Track and trace asset movements
  • Fast, mobile auditing system
  • Easy to use
  • Customisable form designer
  • Information at your fingertips
  • Automated Reminders
  • Scheduling
  • Mobile Application Designer

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Asset tracking software

Mailtrace Omnipost

Simple mobile technology, easy to set up and use requiring minimum equipment

Modular in design, easy to add new functionality

Use existing courier bar codes to scan into system, create your own or use pre-printed bar codes

Asset tracking software

mail tracking software

Suitable for organisations of all sizes, whether receiving five or 500 items per day

Track letters, parcels, equipment etc.

Ideal for single and multi-site organisations

Asset tracking software

asset tracking software

Understand when and where time & business critical items arrive and are distributed

Each item is tracked by date and time to enable full audit trail

History of every item is saved in the database with reports available

Asset tracking software

mail and asset tracking

Save time asking or answering queries as to where delivered items are in the business

Eliminate paper based recording and archiving systems

Automatic e-mail confirmation alerts recipient where their item is in the system