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Fx Series 9 Franking Machine

Perfect for high post volumes

The Fx Series 9 has been developed to perform with excelence and highest levels of comfort durability and efficiency. It is perfectly matched to your business requirements and outbound mail volumes.

The Franking machine Matrix Fx9 has been designed to provide the cheapest Royal Mail tariff and deliver the cheapest postal costs for your business.

Performing with exceptional ink yields, this is the perfect Franking machine for both letter and parcels.

The Matrix Fx9 guarantees ease of use via the large coloured touch screen supporting with nine speed dial functions, speeds of up to 150 letters per minute, mix feeder and dynamic scale options enabling you to process your daily mail with impressive speed. The mixed-mail-feeder supports a letter thickness up to 16 mm of different formats and letter sizes without the need of any adjustments. The dynamic scale weighs all letters up to 1 kg on the fly. The combination of the mix-mail-feeder and the dynamic scale boost your mail processing into the next dimension.

Royal Mail tariff information is tracked and automatically updated on your Franking machine to ensure you always have the best postage rates using the latest Mailmark technology.

Royal Mail Business Mail is a way to achieve additional postage savings and can be easily added to the Fx9.

What is a Mailmark franking machine?

A franking machine that is specifically designed to work with the Royal Mail Mailmark rates is referred to as a "Mailmark ready" franking machine. A Mailmark frank mark includes a 2D barcode that the Royal Mail sorting system is able to read more efficiently. This allows Royal Mail to process mail in the most cost-efficient way. These cost savings are passed onto the customer providing the very best prices for postage available.

How does a Franking machine work?

All franking machines are licensed by the Royal Mail. When you want to send your mail items, you are able to use your franking machine to print a postage mark, or "frank", along with your company logo or message instead of using stamps. Your franking machine will weigh the item and print the correct postage amount based on the current Royal Mail prices. Franked postage rates are always cheaper than using stamps.

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Fx Series 9 Franking Machine

Dynamic weighing (optional)

The use of a dynamic scale significantly simplifies mail processing.

Each item is weighed and measured individually.

The postage is calculated again for each item. This is an efficient way to avoid incorrect franking.

Fx Series 9 Franking Machine

AAFS automatic letter feeder

In conjunction with the dynamic scale (option), the fully automatic letter feeder performs all settings independently.

A wide variety of letter formats and thicknesses are processed. Nothing to adjust, just place it!

Fx Series 9 Franking Machine

Coloured touch screen

The clear and colourful touch screen makes it easy for you to operate the franking machine intuitively.

Fx Series 9 Franking Machine

Integrated scale

Weighs items up to 3kg (ideal for C4 envelopes) and automatically dispenses franking strips.

Fx Series 9 Franking Machine


With up to 10 advertising clichés and 9 individual additional texts, you have every opportunity to add elegance to your outgoing mail.

Fx Series 9 Franking Machine

Energy efficient

The Fx Series 9 is ENERGY STAR qualified. Products that qualify for ENERGY STAR adhere to strict energy efficiency guidelines, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, the Fx Series franking machines were designed and developed with strict environmental considerations in mind. The focus was on a high recycling rate of the components. This was achieved by dispensing with adhesives or non-detachable metal connections. On average, 75% of the materials used can be recycled.