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Fx Series 5 Franking Machine

Ideal for small & medium enterprises

The Fx5 series is the latest generation of Frama Franking machines for a wide range of applications. Each Franking machine is perfectly matched to your business requirements and outbound mail volumes.

The Fx5 franking machine has been designed to provide the busy office with a cost effective and efficient solution for your daily mailing requirements.

The Fx5 processes mail items at a speed of 45 letters per minute with exceptional ink yield.

The Fx5 franking machine guarantees ease of use with with nine speed dial keys enabling you to process your daily mail with impressive speed.

Options such as Stack Weigh can be added: simply place a letter on to the scale and the machine will automatically calculate the correct postage cost, helping to avoid costly surcharges.

Royal Mail tariff information is tracked and automatically updated on your machine to ensure you always have the best postage rates using the latest Mailmark technology.

If you're sending high volumes of post, Royal Mail Business Mail can easily be added to to Fx5 - get in touch for details.

What is a Mailmark franking machine?

A franking machine that is specifically designed to work with the Royal Mail Mailmark rates is referred to as a "Mailmark ready" franking machine. A Mailmark frank mark includes a 2D barcode that the Royal Mail sorting system is able to read more efficiently. This allows Royal Mail to process mail in the most cost-efficient way. These cost savings are passed onto the customer providing the very best prices for postage available.

Can I put franked mail in a post box?

You can put your franked mail into a standard Royal Mail post box if it is inside of a "postage meter" envelope or inside of a normal envelope with your machine details on. In addition, there are multiple purpose built "franking mailboxes" around the country to drop your franked mail into freely. If you are unsure, you can take your franked mail into your local Post Office.

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What other products do Frama supply?

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Fx Series 5 Franking Machine

Flexible and easy in use

The Fx Series 5 franking machine stands for smooth handling of your outgoing mail.

Nine speed-dial keys offer absolute flexibility when processing the day's mail. They allow you to call up all relevant details at the touch of a button and apply them immediately.

This way you always keep an eye on your postage costs and avoid incorrect frankings.

With the long press keys (memory keys) you can call up your dispatch favourites at the touch of a button. It doesn't get any faster than that!

Fx Series 5 Franking Machine

All-In-One Feeding Table

The practical feed table is large enough for your outgoing mail and yet compact.

Just place the mail and the letter is automatically fed in.

10 mm passage thickness offers maximum flexibility.

Fx Series 5 Franking Machine

Flexible weighing

The integrated 3 kg scale covers an impressive range (including stacking scales) of possibilities.

Optionally expandable to 5 kg.

Use functions for fast work: Smart Start starts the transport immediately after the postage calculation.

Weighed - Franked!

Fx Series 5 Franking Machine

Change ink cartridge

Thanks to the convenient access from the top of the machine, changing the ink cartridge has never been so easy.

A few simple steps and your machine is ready for use again.

Fx Series 5 Franking Machine


With up to 10 advertising clichés and 9 individual additional texts, you have every opportunity to add elegance to your outgoing mail.

Fx Series 5 Franking Machine

Energy efficient

The Fx Series 5 is ENERGY STAR qualified. Products that qualify for ENERGY STAR adhere to strict energy efficiency guidelines, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, the Fx Series franking machines were designed and developed with strict environmental considerations in mind. The focus was on a high recycling rate of the components. This was achieved by dispensing with adhesives or non-detachable metal connections. On average, 75% of the materials used can be recycled.