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Mailmark ready Fs3 franking machine

Best franking machine for small business.

The Frama FS3 series franking system is specifically designed for the small business application. It contains all of the latest MailMark technology which assists in keeping postage costs reduced.

Each Franking machine is designed to save money on your postage costs versus the listed stamp price.

All FS3 series products are operated with five speed-dial keys enable you to process your daily mail with impressive speed. 

The FS3 Series Franking machine guarantees ease of use with the postage assistant feature.

Royal Mail tariff information is tracked and automatically updated on your Franking machine to ensure you always have the best postage rates. All of your mailing need at your fingertips!

What could be simpler?

How does Frama compare to other manufacturers?
Frama has been in the postal services industry for over 50 years. 

One of only four manufacturers, Frama always compares favourably with other suppliers providing award winning products, fantastic value with excellent customer service and no hidden charges. 

What is franked mail?

Franked mail uses a printed post mark instead of a stamp. By printing a postage mark directly onto an envelope or label rather than sticking a stamp on your outgoing mail, your business saves time and money and produces a much more professional looking mail piece. 

A printed postage mark can be added to letters, parcels with the use of a franking machine. Franked mail is not only a convienient time saver, but also provides access to the cheapest prices available from Royal Mail.

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What other products do Frama supply?

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Fs Series 3 Franking Machine

Fs3 five speed-dial keys controls

All Fs series products are operated with five speed-dial keys enable you to process your daily mail with impressive speed.

Fs Series 3 Franking Machine

Perfect scale integration

The integrated 2 kg scale is one of the largest in its class. It supports accurate and automatic calculation of the postage avoiding any misfranks or wasted postage.

Fs Series 3 Franking Machine

Royal Mail Mailmark™

Always the cheapest Tariff

Simplified access to Royal Mail products

A more professional finish to items of mail

Automated postal tariff updates

Saves your business money

Fs Series 3 Franking Machine

Fs3 franking machine LAN Connection

The Ethernet RJ45 connection provides a fast and stable connection for data transfer between your Franking Machine and the Frama system.

Tariff changes, slogan downloads and software updates are completed safely and quickly.