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Franking machine suppliers

There are a total of four manufacturers of franking machines in the UK. These four companies not only manufacture the machines but are also direct suppliers to the end user market.
Each of these companies has undergone a detailed application process and have been authorised by Royal Mail to inspect, maintain and repair franking machines.
When choosing a franking machine supplier, it is prudent to research what each supplier has to offer, as each supplier will have different franking machine prices, ink costs and account charges to consider.

Which franking machine supplier is best for me?

Franking is a mature marketplace with over 250,000 active users across all franking machine suppliers. Due to the age of the market, there are a myriad of options to consider;

  • Machine cost – Franking machines are usually supplied based upon usage and features. It is important to have a conversation with each franking machine supplier to see who can best meet your needs
  • Ink cost – Over the lifetime of your franking machine, you will need to purchase ink that has been Royal Mail approved meaning Royal Mail have tested the cartridges on franking machines and then on high speed mail scanners to make sure the ink can be recognised by their systems and that your franked mail will be sorted properly when using that ink. When purchasing your franking machine it is useful to check how much ink cartridges will be for your system, how many impressions (or prints) you will get per cartridge as well as if they are Royal Mail approved or third party clones.
  • Features – From semi-automatic feeding and touch screen technology to label dispensers and conveyor stackers, franking machines have a lot to offer and it is worth researching who can offer which solution when choosing your franking machine supplier.

In conclusion

If you are thinking about purchasing a new piece of equipment for the office, do look for a Royal Mail approved franking machine, this will ensure that the machine you are getting is professional, competent and high quality. 

Frama have been a Royal Mail approved supplier of Franking machines for over 25 years and offer award winning products, fantastic value with excellent customer service and no hidden charges.

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