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Frama Letter Opener

B400 Electronic Letter Opener

Opening letters by hand is neither efficient nor convenient. Frama letter openers perform this task with astonishing perfection: entirely automatically, cleanly and rapidly enabling you to use your time more profitably.

The mail hardly arrives before it’s opened and ready for further processing. With their sophisticated slitting technique, Frama Access letter openers are ideal assistants for the processing of both small and large amounts of mail.

The performance range has been greatly expanded, particularly with the B400. It is the only letter opener in the world that can slit and open letters that are up to 10mm thick. If needed, letters can be opened on three sides – and all this with an attractive price/performance ratio.

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Electronic letter opener B400

Slits instead of cuts

Opened letter technology

Electronic letter opener B400

Thicker post? No problem!

Frama letter opener technology

Electronic letter opener B400

The Access B400

The Access B400 slits up to a letter thickness of 6.5mm without the need for pre-sorting

It automatically adapts to changing letter thickness. Envelopes are opened and neatly stacked ready to read.

All letters up to C5/B5 in size can be opened with the Access B400 comfortable starting stack. Large size letters up to C4/B4 in size can be fed in and opened individually.

Electronic letter opener B400

Easy to use

Simply place letters in to a stack and slide through sensor.

No sorting, no presetting, no keystrokes: The B400 operation is fully automatic.

Electronic letter opener B400

Automatic start/Stop

The start/stop function will automatically turn on and turn off the B400 letter opener where required.

Simply place your letter stack on to the B400 and slide over the sensor.

Electronic letter opener B400

Large envelope format? No problem!

The Access B400 , can open large format envelopes C6 and C5 on more than one side if required.