Office Automation

Experts in automating physical & digital communications making businesses efficient and secure using the latest printers, scanners and software

Using our expertise gained over the last 50 years from the handling of sensitive and financial data, Frama has continued to innovate by offering an Office Automation solution.

We understand that businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of introducing automation into the workplace to improve office workflows and processes, enabling businesses to become “paperless”, secure and compliant with the latest data regulations.

Our solution increases efficiency and productivity rates as well as providing information mobility throughout an organisation.

What are the benefits of Office Automation?

Office automation allows organisations to become more efficient and hence have the ability to reduce wastage and costs.

  • Reduce the time taken for staff to complete mundane tasks and allow them to concentrate on key areas of the business
  • Reduce manual errors through automation
  • Reduce the risk of security breaches and non-compliance.
  • Protect your organisations reputation and finances.
  • Reduce the time taken for processes to be completed
  • Better visibility of areas or processes that are made slower by bottlenecks.
  • Greater access to MI (Management Information)
  • Improve cash flows by reducing order processing times.
  • Improve cash flows by speedier payment of customer invoices.

If your business can benefit from any of the points above please contact us to arrange a free consultation.

How does an Managed print service work?

To ascertain the best solution for your business, one of our experienced account managers will visit your business and conduct a Free Print Audit. This review of your office document printing includes: colour versus mono printing, how many documents are produced on a monthly basis, energy use, consumable costs, paper costs, and outsourced printing, as well as the rental or lease costs associated with the equipment.

Once the print audit has been completed, your dedicated account manager will assess your business spend, and provide a solution that will guarantee to save your business money, improve efficiencies and help streamline your business printing.

Equipment in this field is constantly evolving in both speed and functionality whilst being more energy efficient. This means that a new print solution will not only save you money, but will replace old technology with cutting edge models.

As an independent print management company, Frama can support a wide range of printer fleets, ranging from one machine to a thousand machines, or more. Our Managed Print Service can support a mixture of types and brands of printers, from small office printers through to large format printers. We take care of the full print solution, from installation and training to taking meter readings and delivering toner. Frama offers customers print management software to further reduce their print spending.

Why choose Frama for your managed print service?

Frama offers a consultative approach through our network of account management professionals, a national team of service technicians and UK based support centre. Frama strengths include;

  • Every member of Frama understands the need to deliver exceptional pre and post-sales support
  • Each new member of staff is inducted through the Frama CareS programme which highlights our commitment to customer service
  • The initial purchase is only the beginning of the relationship; Frama delivers through the life of the product
  • Latest technology, high quality products backed by unrivalled after sales service and support

Frama recognises that as well as providing high quality products and tailor made solutions the quality of the after sales service is a major factor when deciding on which supplier to partner with. Frama provides a UK based service centre trained to the highest standards of customer care via the Frama CareS customer training modules that all staff attend at regular intervals. Benefits of working with Frama;

  • Brand neutral.
  • One Stop shop
  • A Unique combination of products and services
  • 50 years experience – Trusted supplier
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