Office Automation

In today’s digital and mobile world, many organisations still deal with large quantities of paper. Although paper-based processes are cumbersome, error-prone, and risk lost or misfiled information, many organisations are reluctant to adopt capture solutions thinking that they would be too costly or complicated for business users. And workers now want scanning to mesh seamlessly into their business activities.

Our range of photocopiers, e-signature solutions, large file transfer, scanners and document management software can help you boost productivity and make the transition to leaner, less paper-intensive work processes. Whether you need to digitise, index and archive your documents or more easily share files among teams, our software will enhance your processes and help unlock the full potential of your print devices.

Our software solutions will make it easier and more efficient than ever to integrate paper documents into a digital workflow, with simple ‘select and go’ buttons to scan directly to the desired location. Document processes are improved with next-generation scanning; productivity is raised by distributing, sharing and managing documents digitally; the ability to scan to editable file formats directly from MFP and to add security to pdfs provides still more flexibility and reassurance.

• Save time with advanced scanning including OCR, error checking and forms recognition

• Document annotation such as sticky notes and highlighting

• Create text searchable PDFs for digital archiving

• Increase security and compliance by assembling documents into PDF-As and password protected PDFs, plus Bates Stamping, page numbering and redaction to permanently remove sensitive information

• Simple, user-friendly interface

• Accurate scanning directly into your document environment

• Scan to editable file formats

• Easy to customise and configure with ready-to-use tools

• Add security to pdfs as you scan at the MFP

• Versatile and flexible we can accommodate all business environments, from smaller companies to major organisations

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