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No hidden charges with Frama

One of the most common things we hear from franking machine users is the frustration caused about the 'hidden costs'.

It can be infuriating when, 12 months into a 6-year contract, you suddenly discover that the great deal you signed up for isn't quite as amazing as you first thought.

Costs that are buried in the small print can add up to hundreds of pounds a year. It is a familiar story that we encounter time and time again.

There is, however, an alternative.

At Frama, we pride ourselves on our transparency. The price you see is the price you pay. Always.

We don't charge for:

* Tariff changes - whenever Royal Mail change their prices, all other franking machine providers pass these costs onto the customer. In 2020, this amounted to up over £150 per customer.

* Top-up fees - whenver you pre-pay monies onto your franking machine, all other providers take a percentage of this amount. This can, in some cases, be as much as 12%. Which means if you top up £50 a month you are actually paying an additional £72 to the provider.

In addition to this, other advantages of a Frama machine include:

* Fixed cost rental - if you lease or rent a machine from Frama, the rental cost is fixed for the length of the contract. No silly price increases further down the line. In some cases, this can add £100's onto your overall costs.

* Fixed cost maintenance - we provide comprehensive maintenance to your machine throughout the lifetime of your contract, with no price increases. The reliability of our technology means we can fix around 95% of problems over the phone or online.

All of this is why our customers stay with us for years. We care. It's the reason we have a 5-star rating on Trustpilot. No other franking machine provider comes close.

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Five Star Reviews

Although we can tell you about our great products and fine service, is it always better to hear it from our happy customers. Our Trustpilot score continues to maintain its impressive performance and provides extensive testimony regarding our commitment to customer experience. Frama is currently the highest rated Franking machine supplier in the UK.