Xerox Add First-of-a-Kind Scan-Encrypt-Send Button into Multifunction Printers, using Frama RMail.

Frama RMail & Xerox provides Email Privacy into the Scan-to-Email Process for Multifunction Printers, Built on RMail

Frama UK has a mission to assist businesses throughout the UK with office automation and secure communication.  By developing Frama’s own products and partnerships with world leading specialists we have enhanced our product portfolio offering unique solutions to meet the demands of business today. Frama RMail (powered by RPost) is one such solution.

RPost with Xerox is proud to release the first ever scan-encrypt-send service into Xerox multi-function printers (MFPs). This service is available immediately in all countries to help digitize more documents and workflows with the necessary underlying security, privacy, and compliance for data protection.

Most scanned documents contain sensitive financial, transactional, health, or other non-public information. Users enjoy the convenience of the scan-to-email function, and now can do so with peace-of-mind about the security of their transmitted information. Xerox chose RMail email encryption due to the simplicity of the recipient user experience and patented Registered Receipt™ transaction record for every send.

This new functionality automates sending MFP-scanned documents as scanned PDF files attached to encrypted Registered Email™ messages, for files up to 1GB. Senders receive a Registered Receipt™ record tracking and proving e-delivery. This is extremely important to certify privacy compliance with GDPR data protection legislation.

“All workers are trying to do more with fewer staff, safely from offices, interconnecting with less human contact,” states Volker Sommerfeld of Frama. Frama is a pan-European distributor of RMail and offers Xerox document and office automation products in the UK and Swiss markets. “Now, more than ever, financial, health-related, governmental, and other critical staff need to digitize documents to deliver quickly -- securely and privately without human touch”.

“This application further enhances the strategy of Frama UK bringing automation and security into business processes”, adds Chris Hayes, General Manager of Frama UK. “We, with RPost and Xerox, are doing our part to help in these challenging times.”

As part of our pandemic response program, Xerox and Frama UK are offering this capability to Xerox MFP distributors in the UK with RMail service at no cost through May.

The Xerox Connect for RMail app includes Registered Email™ certified e-delivery tracking and proof, two email encryption modes, and automatic secure large file transmission for scanned files up to 1GB per send. And, all users also have access to RSign®, RPost’s feature-rich electronic signature services.

If you are a current supplier of Xerox MFP’s and would like to learn more about this new, unique application and how you can participate in offering RMail services to your customers  contact Frama UK on 01992451125 or marketing@frama.co.uk.

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