Upcoming Royal Mail Changes

Changes that will happen on 2 January 2018

Fee for incorrect licences for Business Mail Advanced and Response Service products from £25 per licence per month to 30p per item for the following: Business Reply Standard Letters and Large Letters, Freepost Standard Letters and Large Letters, Business Reply Plus and Freepost plus Letters.

These changes will align the fee for Business Mail Advanced with the current Bulk Surcharge fee for unsorted mail and use the existing item based Response Specification fee. From using the correct 12 alpha character licences and licence barcode on mail items.

Also it will ensure the mail is read quickly by our automated machines and continue onto delivery without delay. So people can benefit the lowest prices and the best service for mail from using Royal Mail.

Changes that will happen on 1 December 2017

The terms for Royal Mail Advertising Mail®, Sustainable® Advertising Mail and Royal Mail Door To Door® are being changed to make clear that we may pass details of each mailing, including the sample items that customers send to us to selected industry partners.


The aim is to provide industry-wide intelligence to enable advertisers to get greater value from their investment in mail. This information is available in on media channels, such as TV, radio and outdoor.


Royal Mail will use Advertising Mail Information for the purpose of assessing the circulation of Advertising Mail and Sustainable® Advertising Mail and to create an advertising mail currency that enables advertisers to benchmark their investments in Advertising Mail against other media.

To do this Royal Mail would also wish to share the Industry Input Data with MARB and permit MARB to share the Industry Input Data with the Independent Marketing Specialists to create reports for the industry.



People have the right to opt out of Advertising Mail Information being shared by adding the words “OUT” within the "mailing ref” field on your Online Business Account (OBA) or adding the number “1” within the spare field 1 on your Mailmark e-manifest for each of your postings. You can also instruct you’re Mail Producer, where you use one, to do this on your behalf.


New capabilities on Click & Drop

From listening to customer feedback Royal Mail have added a number of new capabilities onto Click & Drop.

Click and Drop is a Royal Mail online shipping tool that lets customers send a one-off parcel, or multiple parcels to your customers in just a few clicks.

You can register for Click & Drop at parcel.royalmail.com to take advantage of all of its latest features. These include integration with a range of Marketplaces now including Not on the High Street, as well as Amazon and Ebay. And there’s Dropbox integration which delivers an improved On Demand capability like Despatch Manager Online (DMO).

Royal Mail is clarifying our rights in relation to mail that has been under-declared or underpaid

Where mail has been under-declared or underpaid, Royal Mail reserve the right to do the following:

  • Hold the mail until payment has been made
  • Require the end recipient to meet the cost of underpaid mail
  • Impose restrictions on the services we provide and dispose of mail that has not been paid for.

Whilst we do not like to impose these sanctions on our customers it is important that we are paid the correct amount for the services used.

How to keep postage costs down


The good news is that franking system customers will still experience big savings over stamp users.

Frama customers in particular can still expect to make great savings when using a Mailmark enabled Matrix franking system.

As a Frama customer, you will have already received a letter from Royal Mail regarding the 2017 tariff change.

For more information on this and all future changes, please visit www.royalmail.com/prices2017 for the latest information on Royal Mail tariff pricing for 2017.

If you do not currently use a Mailmark enabled franking system, call us today and start saving more on your outgoing postal costs.

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