United Airlines & David Beckham -- When Emails Leak

United Airlines & David Beckham -- When Emails Leak

United Airlines’ CEO Oscar Munoz had his email leaked to employees was published which described his view on an incident which an elderly passenger was violently dragged off a United flight to make room for a standby crew. He believed that United Airlines did nothing wrong. This email turned out to authentic, but it can be easy for a criminal to forge an email. If an email is forged it can make a bad impression for initial media reports get released which would bring down the stock price until it is proven to be authentic.

David Beckham`s close friend server got hacked which contained some of his emails. The Leakers tried to blackmail David Beckham for £1 million. Some of David Beckham`s were forged. The blackmailer wrote to David Beckham “I'm giving you until 16.00 on Tuesday to contact my lawyer with a view to a proper resolution to this impasse.” Also the black mailer have targeted the football world. 

Source Rpost.com

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