Royal Mail price changes 2021/22

Price changes 2021/22

Royal Mail have issued confirmation of their approved price changes for 2020. The Royal Mail changes will be effective from Friday 1st January, 2021. 

The price of a First Class stamp will rise by 9p to 85p and the price of a Second Class stamp will increase by 1p to 66p.

Postage for a large First Class letter will increase by 14p to £1.29. While a large Second Class letter will go up by 8p to 96p.

Royal Mail said it understood how hard it was for many companies in the current economic environment, and so have considered price changes very carefully and have sought to minimise any impact on customers.

Royal Mail stated that "increases were needed to ensure the sustainability of the service and that UK stamps still represent good value compared to the rest of Europe".

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How to keep postage costs down

The good news is that franking system customers will still experience big savings over stamp users.

Frama customers in particular can still expect to make great savings when using a Mailmark enabled Matrix franking system, including 13p per item on first class stamps versus Mailmark franking and 19p on second class items.

As a Frama customer, you will have already received a letter from Royal Mail regarding the 2021 tariff change.

For more information on this and all future changes, please visit https://www.royalmail.com/prices2021 for the latest information on Royal Mail tariff pricing for 2021.

If you do not currently use a Mailmark enabled franking system, call us today and start saving more on your outgoing postal costs.

1st and 2nd Class StandardStampsFrankingMailmark
FormatWeight up to and including1st Class2nd Class1st Class2nd Class1st Class2nd Class
Large Letter100g £1.29£0.96£1.19£0.94£1.14£0.87
Royal Mail "Signed For"StampsFrankingMailmark
FormatWeight up to and including1st Class2nd Class1st Class2nd Class1st Class2nd Class
Large Letter100g £2.69£2.36£2.59£2.34£2.54£2.27
Mail Type1st Class Letter (100g)2nd Class Letter (100g)1st Class Large Letter (upto 100g)2nd Class Large Letter (upto 100g)
Franking Vs Stamps£0.08 Saving£0.11 Saving£0.10 Saving£0.02 Saving
Mailmark Vs Franking£0.05 Saving£0.08 Saving£0.05 Saving£0.07 Saving
Mailmark Vs Stamps£0.13 Saving£0.19 Saving£0.15 Saving£0.09 Saving
1st and 2nd Class StandardStampsFrankingMailmark
FormatWeight up to and including1st Class2nd Class1st Class2nd Class1st Class2nd Class
Small Parcel Standard1 Kg£3.85£3.20£3.68£3.00£3.68£3.00
Small Parcel Standard2 Kg£5.57£3.20£5.47£3.00£5.47£3.00
Small Parcel Signed for1 Kg£4.85£4.20£4.68£4.00£4.68£4.00
Small Parcel Signed for2 Kg£6.57£4.20£6.47£4.00£6.47£4.00
  1Kg 2Kg 
 Mail Type1st Class2nd Class1st Class2nd Class 
StandardMailmark Vs Stamps£0.17 Saving£0.20 Saving£0.10 Saving£0.20 Saving

Visit https://www.frama.co.uk/product-overview/postage-calculator/ to find out how much you can save compare to stamps with Mailmark franking.

All tariff prices for 2020/21

Stamp prices: https://www.royalmail.com/sites/royalmail.com/files/2020-11/uk-stamp-prices-wallchart-1-january-2021_0.pdf 

Non Mailmark prices: https://www.royalmail.com/sites/royalmail.com/files/2020-11/franking-wallchart-1-january-2021.pdf 

Mailmark franking prices: https://www.royalmail.com/sites/royalmail.com/files/2020-11/mailmark-franking-wallchart-1-january-2021.pdf 

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