Positive changes to Business Mail

Positive changes to Business Mail!

Royal Mail's investment in Mailmark technology has allowed us to improve the process for the BMA service using the new 2D Mailmark barcode technology, making it easier for you to use BMA with your Mailmark franking machine. This means you will no longer need to use the OBA sales order system when using the BMA service.

Frama will be updating our Mailmark franking machine with the new BMA software on Wednesday 2nd January 2019.

The new BMA process requires the 2D Mailmark barcode. Royal Mail sorting machines read the barcode to find out the BMA product, date, price paid and the item number.

Standard and Smartmeter franking machines do not have this ability. If you are already a Mailmark franking machine user, you are ready to go!

If not, simply upgrade to a Mailmark franking machine.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of Mailmark franking technology and how to upgrade.

The new BMA process means that you:

  • Do not need to submit Online Business Account (OBA) sales orders for BMA franking
  • Frank at a the lower price at source with no need to reclaim rebates
  • Your price adjustments will be managed directly to your account held with us
  • Receive transparent invoicing

Find out more by clicking the PDF file below, or Contact us today to discuss with your account manager.