Misconceptions when using standard email service

We have all been using standard email services for many years and therefore many users have become complacent and may not be aware of some of the common misconceptions around email.

This is why standard emails are not admissible as evidence in legal disputes and why standard emails do not provide the relevant compliance under current and future data protection legislation.

Below you will find the most common misconceptions;

Misconception: A standard “Read Receipt” confirms delivery

Fact: 70% of all email users do not use the read receipt function. Furthermore, a read receipt may confirm delivery but not the content. Only with RMail do you get proof of content, time and auditable server log information.

Misconception: Saving my emails in a sent folder allows me to prove what I sent in any dispute

Fact: Every email can be easily manipulated with just one click of a mouse, without leaving any evidence of tampering. This is why a standard email is not legally binding. Only the Registered Receipt provided by RMail, contains the digitally sealed original message that can be verified by you. This allows you to prove what was sent, when and to whom.

Misconception: A printed email can be used as legal evidence

Fact: It is easy to recreate an authentic looking email with most software programs such as Microsoft Word. Until now no one knew if the content of an email had been altered or not. The Registered Receipt provides all necessary information for a legally compliant email. With RMail you have legally verifiable proof of delivery and content.

Misconception: I did not receive a bounce back notification. I presume my email arrived safely

Fact: We know this not to be true; in fact 3% of all non-bulk business-to-business standard email communication goes undelivered to the intended recipient. Either due to an incorrect addresses that no longer exist or legitimate messages wrongly identified as spam. The Registered Receipt deliverers you the facts; time and date stamps plus delivery status and content confirmation.

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