How does RMail help clients with GDPR?

How does RMail help clients with GDPR?

1. Easy one click email encryption. Send an email from your standard email platform (outlook, gmail...), and simply click 'send registered'. Your recipient receives the encrypted email straight in to their inbox like any normal email. Password protect if required. And the recipient can REPLY SECURE too.

2. Registered legal proof receipt with tracking. Prove what was sent, how it was sent (secure) and when the email was delivered, and opened!

3. E-Signature. Attach a document (SECURELY) for signature, and send. Recipient can sign with a few simple mouse clicks and by typing their name. GDPR consent forms, legal docs, conveyancing....etc 

4. Large File Transfer - send your important legal docs via LTF simply by attaching them and sending. Send up to 1GB safe and secure.

5. Anti phishing detection warnings and alerts for incoming mail. 

Frama UK are not GDPR experts but very soon you WILL be required to take action and appropriate measures to make sure any sensitive or personal information is emailed safe and secure. 

Frama RMail - encryption, tracking, proof, e-signature, large file!