Harlow Chamber of Commerce awards – Runner-up

Harlow Chamber of Commerce awards – Runner-up

Heart 4 Harlow is a business and community which reviews local businesses. When companies go to the award event they get mentioned in a booklet if they get in the top 50.

The awards event happens every year. This year it`s their 70th anniversary. At the awards event there is a welcome talk, entertainment, grace, diner, presentation of the awards and a free ticket prize draw. Heart 4 Harlow also does festival events. Every business that goes there talks about what their business does.

Heart 4 Harlow works closely with the Harlow Chamber of Commerce to promote local businesses and help drive growth for the local business community.


Award nomination

Frama UK were nominated in this year’s awards in the Innovation category.

Frama UK have traditionally been a mailroom equipment manufacturer and supplier for over 45 years. The company is currently working through a transformational period, moving towards the supply of a software based secure email platform, Frama RMail.

 This move has been recognised by the Chamber and Frama UK came runner up in this award category.


Frama RMail

The RMail™ service provides an all-in-one solution for efficient and legally verifiable digital communication. Run in conjunction with RPost®, the global standard for email proof, message encryption and Electronic Signature services, our solutions enable both sender and recipient to prove, sign, encrypt, archive and collaborate, across desktop, mobile and online email platforms.

Registered Receipt™ email provides a legal, third-party authenticated record of who said what, to whom and when, by email. It records email delivery, opening, official time of sending and receiving, associated message and attachment content; providing a complete audit trail and authentication.

 To find out how to secure your business communication, call one of our experts today.

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