Franking Machines & Analogue line connection issue

Connection issues

Frama is aware that many franking machine users who use an analogue line for connecting to their re-crediting system may have experienced difficulties on an intermittent basis over the last couple of weeks.

Although this has affected users of franking machines from all manufacturers, Frama would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused our customers and would like to explain how this issue arose. 

Analogue telephone lines

Analogue lines are beginning to be phased out in many parts of Europe and many of the International telephone carriers are withdrawing analogue line support making these lines more and more unreliable.

One of these carriers made an unannounced change to their network that caused this particular issue. This was totally outside of our control.

Frama has taken steps to minimise any future loss of connection but we are recommending that our customers convert to the new digital technology available that will provide faster connection and greater reliability for the future. 

How we Frama are helping

We understand the importance of a franking system within your communication channel and would recommend a switch to the digital technology.

In addition to the faster more reliable connection, you will also benefit from the cost savings by cancelling your current analogue line and the additional savings using the cheaper MailMark franking tariff offered by the Royal Mail on new franking technologies.

As part of the FramaCares customer service promise, Frama are now contacting all of their users to ensure a swift resolution to any potential future issues.

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