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Peace of mind franking

Having listened to the feedback from customers from across the franking market, we identified that customers biggest concerns was the amount of hidden charges associated with franking machine contracts.

These included thing such as annual Royal Mail Tariff updates, fees when adding credit for postage as well as limiting the amount of credit that could be added at a time. In addition, ink yields were found to be less than expected, leading to large additional costs for cartridges.

We also found that many maintenance packages offered did not include engineer visits meaning that franking machines would need to be returned to the supplier to be fixed, leaving customers without the service for long periods of time.

Frama responded to this pain in the market by launching the hugely successful Smart Franking Plan.

One simple quarterly payment

The Smart Franking Plan addresses these issues by providing full onsite maintenance, ink included for the duration of the contract and no additional hidden charges for tariff or re-crediting the machine.

One simple quarterly payment for all of the above, making budget planning and administration far easier.

Finally, Frama prides itself on innovation and was the first manufacturer to bring Mailmark technology to the marketplace. Mailmark guarantees that you will always receive the best franking prices available from Royal Mail.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your current requirements and demonstrate to you how fair and transparent pricing can benefit your organisation in the long term.

Contact one of our cost saving experts today and find out how to take the pain out of franking.

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