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Looking towards the future

For over 45 years Frama have developed and manufactured market leading, high spec, innovative mailroom products.

As markets evolve and technology continues to change, so do the needs of the customer. Frama have recently engaged in a major corporate transformation project with significant investment in to developing a suite of digital products to meet modern communication needs. 

Corporate re-brand and new division

A new digital products division has been launched by the company to offer a unique registered email product providing legally verifiable proof of delivery and content for the transmission of sensitive data and email content.

The new RMail product will be available via Frama’s dedicated digital communication team and ushers in a new era of secure communication provision for the Swiss based company.


As well as the addition of a new product range, Frama has also re-branded to better align with their new direction as well as launching a new website to showcase newly added products.



Frama has earned early praise for this evolution of the company, winning the Wealth and Finance Business award in the Corporate Transformation for Market Led Solutions category as well as the Business Info Editor’s Choice award for the RMail registered email product.


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