FRAMA franking for just £16.99 per month

Cost saving and convenience

Franking is a fantastic way to not only save on postal costs but also provide a convenient, time saving method of sending your business post, and there has never been a better time to jump on board!


With the price of stamps at an all-time high, franking is still the cheapest method of sending physical post.


As well as providing access to the cheapest postage rates, Frama now offer the franking machine unit for £16.99 per month.


No more queuing for stamps at the local post office. A franked piece of mail can save business’s up to 19p per item sent when compared to using stamps.


A franking machine produces a professional looking image for the recipient of your business mail, improving your company image and brand awareness.


Attractive pricing

The United Kingdom has always attracted entrepreneurs and with the number of smaller start-up businesses on the increase, Frama has identified the need for an entry level franking solution.


With this in mind, Frama can now offer a Mailmark ready franking system for £16.99 per month.


Included with Frama

As well as a fantastic equipment price, Frama offers fantastic added value. Your Frama franking system will include;

  • Complete Maintenance Plan
  • Unlimited re-credits
  • FREE tariff updates for life of machine
  • 2 KG postage weighing scales
  • Advertising slogan
  • First ink FREE
  • Cheapest postage tariff

 Don’t delay, contact us today to start saving on your postage costs!