EU’s General Data Protection Regulation unknown to most UK adults

The majority of UK workers are unaware of incoming regulation, leaving employers with work to do on GDPR awareness and coming UK data protection laws in 2017, survey shows.

6 in 10 sites haven`t heard of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A survey from Netskope was sent to get an understanding of GDPR for adults of working age and to get employers to tell staff about the regulation.

Of the 63% that never heard of GDPR less than 10% have claimed knowledge of the regulation. Also over 14% said they didn`t know what GDPR is, but have heard of the regulation. Over 13% they have general understanding of the GDPR.

When the survey was asked if their employer told them about GDPR 70.4% hadn`t been told about anything on GDPR.

In 2016 Talk Talk was issued with a £400000 penalty from making a cyber attacker to easily access customer data.

André Stewart, vice-president for Netskope in Europe said “With seven in 10 UK adults yet to be educated about the GDPR by their employers, it’s possible that many employers are either unaware of the importance of coaching staff or they are not yet making the GDPR a high priority.”

Employees that have no security practise have the highest risk to the company due to the fact an email could contain malware etc if the email gets through the companies email filters.

*Source: ComputerWeekly

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