Encrypted emails and data protection compliance


Encrypted emails and data protection compliance

Email fraud and interception of person and financial data contained within email is on the rise.

This type of corporate fraud has increased by 43% since 2016, costing businesses over £193bn in lost funds.

In addition, due to more stringent data protection legislation arriving in May 2018, organisations need to be aware of the requirement to protect personal and sensitive data when sending via email. Not complying with these laws can result in large financial penalties up to 4% of Global turnover. See our article on the new General Data Protection Regulation here.

A powerful tool to help your business protect sensitive data when sending via email is encryption.

Research has revealed that encryption is not used as often as it should be. Only two in five (40 percent) organisations reported “extensive” use of encryption. When asked what the barriers are preventing more widespread use of the technology, more than half (53 percent) of respondents said “asking too much of the email recipient”, indicating that ease of use for both senders and receivers is still a major issue for businesses.

“Despite the importance of encryption and the benefits it offers, there is still the common misconception that the technology is suited for only the technically savvy”*

RMail is the solution that makes using encryption easy for both sender and recipient. The sender simply uses a two-click system to send the encrypted email. The recipient does not need to install any software, open an account or log on to any portal to access the secure email message. The recipient opens the email in exactly the same way as any other email!

To ensure that the reply from the recipient is also encrypted, RMail provides an easy-to-use “reply encrypted” solution within every message received.

Due to this ease-of-use, RMail removes the perceived barrier of entry to encryption and provides a simple solution to a previously complicated problem ensuring security and compliance when sending sensitive and/or financial data via email.


*Jacob Ginsberg, senior director at Echoworx.

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