Email Encryption opinion piece

Email encryption, a call to action

Jacob Ginsberg has been speaking about how important Email encryption and data encryption is for businesses.

“The challenge in the security industry today is that despite the ever more complex threat vector, solutions must remain dead simple to use. Human nature is to look for the easiest path to accomplish a task, and that path also must be the most secure. Creating more efficient, easy-to-use, cloud-based encryption systems will help drive adoption forward,” added Ginsberg.

 With the GDPR deadline less than seven months away, encryption is a key technology that will enable organisations to comply with the regulations and avoid heavy financial penalties.

However, one third (33 percent) of the respondents said that their plans to extend data protection using encryption will occur in “over one year's time”, leaving little time to spare.

“Encryption is one of the most important technologies that organisations can deploy in order to comply with GDPR”, continued Ginsberg. “With the increasing number of data breaches, an encryption policy that spans a wide range of applications and purposes will go a long way to safeguarding organisations' data and that of its stakeholders.”

Email Encryption

Another important use of encryption technology is the encryption of communications inside and outside the organization, such as via emails.

 Email remains the main form of collaboration in enterprises, with the average user receiving over 100 emails per day and sending 30. These emails and attachments could represent one of the most vulnerable points in the journey of data inside and outside a company’s network.

 Either by the automated trigger of a DLP and/or by user initiation (classifying or adding classified attachments), sensitive emails must be protected with email encryption. Email encryption needs to be capable of protecting both internal and external sensitive messages and all attachments.

 Some email encryption solutions can also be used to encrypt all data flowing into a cloud-office application provider, including files used in collaboration.

How can Frama help?

RMail is the solution that makes using encryption easy for both sender and recipient. The sender simply uses a two-click system to send the encrypted email. The recipient does not need to install any software, open an account or log on to any portal to access the secure email message. The recipient opens the email in exactly the same way as any other email!

 To ensure that the reply from the recipient is also encrypted, RMail provides an easy-to-use “reply encrypted” solution within every message received.

  Due to this ease-of-use, RMail removes the perceived barrier of entry to encryption and provides a simple solution to a previously complicated problem ensuring security and compliance when sending sensitive and/or financial data via email.

Jacob Ginsberg, senior director at Echoworx.

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