Cyber crime

Businesses Hit With Cyber Crime

46% of companies have said they had found at least one security breach or attack in the previous year, causing damage costing an average of £1,570 to companies.

2/3 of medium-sized businesses and 68% of large companies have been attacked, with the latter seeing an average cost of just under £20,000 for each attack. They are targeted due to the fact the medium and large companies have more revenue than smaller businesses.

Almost a quarter of businesses lost files temporarily, a fifth had their systems or software corrupted, 1 in 10 lost access to third party systems and 1 in 10 also had their website slowed or taken down.

Fraudulent emails are persuading employees to reveal passwords or financial information were the most common weapon used in cyberattacks.

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey said "While breaches do not always result in a material outcome, such as loss of data or network access, in cases where this does happen, it has a significant impact on the organisation.” This suggests that companies might have breaches in the future, but they can protect as much as possible by making regular updates to the companies framework.  Around 90% of businesses regularly update their software and malware protection.

Source: Sky

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