Criminal Justice Secure Email system down

Criminal Justice Secure Email system down

Barristers and court prosecutors left in disarray after Egress Technologies' CJSM email system went offline on 18th January. Egress technologies advised that it could take up to a fortnight to fully restore the system to 75,000 fraught lawyers.

CJSM stands for Criminal Justice Secure eMail. The network is used by Crown prosecutors, judges and other public sector justice organisations in the UK.

For reasons that were not immediately clear, Egress Technologies provider of CJSM, said in an email update that restoring CJSM would involve wiping their mailboxes for up to two weeks.

"We estimate the restoration process to take up to two weeks, however we will provide an update as this progresses over the next few days," said Egress' CJSM update email to users.

Social media was alive with complaints about the disruption including professionals in the middle of lengthy trials. For security and GDPR compliance reasons many lawyers do not save to their laptop meaning that important documents were temporarily lost in the system.

Legal sources familiar with CJSM commented that they had been experiencing problems with the system in the week before the outage happened. CJSM have told the barristers and court prosecutors that they can receive the wiped data in up to two weeks’ time if CJSM keeps to their promise.

There is an alternative, however. Frama RMail is the perfect solution to this particular problem. 

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