Beware of hidden charges!

Frama is an international company with its headquarters in Switzerland.

Since it was established more than 40 years ago, the Frama Group has been providing solutions for the secure handling of sensitive and financial data.

Our hardware and software applications are used in a broad spectrum of applications worldwide. Examples include the management and flow of postage funds between Royal Mail, customer bank accounts and the Frama Online management system. Frama customers have full access to this system through the use of an extensive range of Mailmark Franking machines.

Also we promote a clear and transparent, upfront pricing structure with no hidden charges for tariff updates or for loading credit. 

We have fast response times for all email enquiries, including service issues. In the unlikely event that one of our Franking machines needs repair, we are proud to operate a 98% first time fix rate. 

The Frama comprehensive maintenance plan includes UK based help desk, engineer callouts and parts & labour.

Frama franking machines are well known to be of the highest quality and the most reliable in the marketplace. Due to being manufactured in Switzerland, the parts and build quality are of the highest standards.

This level of engineering and innovation means that a Frama franking machine often appears more expensive than other options in the market.

When researching which franking machine to purchase, you can be confident that the price that you pay with Frama is the final price. 

Not all manufacturers offer this, and it is important to be aware of a number of hidden charges and service issues that can be applied after signing a contract. 

Below is a list of the most likely charges and issues that you may encounter with other manufacturers;

  • £7 for a reset (top up) value of £100, £13 for a reset (top up) value between £101 & £1300, and/or a 1% for a reset (top up) value over £1300.
  • £25 charge for a late or fail to pay and £20 when the payment is rejected for lack of funds which the fee is charged per payment rejection. 
  • Arrangement and shipping fee of £35+VAT not mentioned in quotes
  • Automatic renew contracts 
  • A required deposit payment, not mentioned upfront 
  • Slow response to emails to cancel, ending with customer being rolled onto another contract
  • £12.50 charge to send a copy of an invoice
  • £40 charge to move address
  • £125 charge for an engineer call out
  • £75 charge for decommissioning & collection of machine
  • £80 charge when Royal Mail update tariff prices

Frama ensures that you will never have to deal with these issues and offers an all-in price with no hidden charges.

For total peace of mind, choose a Frama franking machine!

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