An expert view on cyber crime

Frama UK recently took part in Channel Info magazine's annual supplement, Ask the Experts.

Ask the Experts addresses the biggest issues facing businesses and gathers together experts from all sectors to offer their ideas and solutions.

In October 2016 Frama's Marketing Manager, Lenny Wood, spoke with Channel Info about cyber crime and in particular, Whaling.

Whaling is a new form of cyber crime. The scam is incredibly clever, cyber-criminals intercept emails between companies and freely read their content; over time they learn how to mimic the style and language of those sending and receiving emails. The attacker then sends a bogus request for money, including new bank account details for the transfer.

As they have already had access to a considerable amount of information about the target, the request appears genuine and money is very often transferred to the attacker’s account.

Channel Info Magazine: http://www.channelinfo.net/

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