Special Delivery & Signed For Changes 2022

Royal Mail Changes - 2022

The way that Special Delivery Guaranteed and Royal Mail Signed For is operated through your franking machine is changing.

From the 1st November 2022, Royal Mail will be removing the use of coloured adhesive labels that are currently used to provide these products. This change is a key part of Royal Mail's extensive modernisation programme. 

As part of this change, franking machine users will be required to use a new meter indicia or shipping label on their mail items for these products. These new indicia and labels will include either a Royal Mail Mailmark barcode and an S10 1D (13-character) barcode or a 2D barcode and an S10 1D barcode.

The good news is that Frama's latest range of Mailmark-enabled franking machines will print the new required barcode. Frama will be providing software updates for our newest range of machines in order to produce the new barcode to customers that require these products via their franking machines.

From midnight on 31st October 2022, franking machine users will  be required to use one of the following solution options:

1. Meter Machine New Indicia

The latest meters indicia will be larger in width and include an S10 1D barcode, additional product name information and new alpha-numeric content within the visual service indicator boxes (illustrations below not to scale).

2. Secure Print New Indicia

The new indicia will be as per the Meter Machine New Indicia above, printed in black ink. 

3. Shipping Label via Meters API (OLP)

This is available today for parcels, the labels offered will now include letter and large letter formats. This label will be made available with access to Royal Mail's Online Postage (OLP) system. The system will produce a fully addressed shipping label for you to apply to your mail item.

More information on the changes to Special Delivery Guaranteed and Royal Mail Signed For can be found on the Royal Mail website: click here to view.

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