Access Letter openers

Slits letters to prevent damage to contents

Letter opener range

The B300 and B400 letter openers.
Access B300

Electronic letter opener B300

The ideal solution for opening small mail volumes.

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Electronic letter opener

Electronic letter opener B400

More letter opening power for larger post.

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Frama Access Letter Openers

Is your incoming mail still opened cumbersomely by hand?

Are your staff still losing valuable work time that could be used for more important tasks?

Have you been aggravated by letters contents that have been cut up?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Frama have a solution to fit your business.

Benefits include;

  • Opens mail much quicker than standard, manual methods
  • Saves labour hours
  • Open mail without milling, protecting valuable contents
  • Mail reaches addressee more quickly to speed up processing and response
  • Frama letter openers do far more than just open your letters. They open the door to more convenient and efficient processing of incoming mail!