Electronic letter openers

Slits letters to prevent damage to contents

Letter opener range

The B300 and B400 letter openers.
B300 letter opener envelopes are slit

Small business electronic letter opener

Perfect for small businesses
Slits envelopes to protect contents from damage
Can open up to 250 letters per minute

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Electronic letter opener

Large volume electronic letter opener

Perfect for medium/large businesses
Slits envelopes to protect contents from damage
Can open up to 400 letters per minute

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Frama electronic letter openers

A full day’s post can include cheques, client correspondance and/or sales leads to follow up. It could also mean customer complaints or final demands. Either way it’s important for any business to open mail and deliver to the right person as quickly as possible. 

Could your business be benefitting from an electronic letter opener?

Answer the three simple questions below;

  1. Is your incoming mail still opened cumbersomely by hand?
  2. Are your staff still losing valuable work time that could be used for more important tasks?
  3. Have you been aggravated by letters contents that have been cut up?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Frama have a solution to fit your business.

Frama manufacture and supply electronic letter openers for both small, medium and large businesses.

Automatically opening letters, the Frama electronic letter opener helps to save wasted labour by automating the process of opening business mail.

The Frama letter opener range provides;

  • Opening mail much quicker than standard, manual methods
  • Saves labour hours
  • Opening mail without milling, protecting valuable contents
  • Mail reaching addressee more quickly to speed up processing and response

Frama automatic letter openers do far more than just open your letters. They open the door to more convenient and efficient processing of incoming mail!

Which Letter openers are best for my business?

The Frama Letter opener range is split in to two levels, small business and medium/large range models with each range catering for different needs.

  • Small business – For smaller businesses with less volume of post that needs to be opened, the B300 provides the best letter opener costs compared to opening letters by hand.
  • Mid/ high -range – For businesses with higher volumes of mail or those who require more feature, the B400 provide the best letter opener costs compared to opening letters by hand with more features such as automatic reverse in case of letter jam.

What other products do Frama supply?

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