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1.Daily mail: How many sendings does your daily letter volume cover?


2. Mailings: Of how many sendings does a typical mailing consist?


3. Do you send parcels more than 5 kg?

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Frama Fs3 franking machine

Fs Series 3 Franking Machine

Best franking machine for small business.
 Suitable for up to 50 letters per day.
Cheapest prices with Mailmark technology.

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    Fx Series 5 Franking Machine

    Versatile franking ideal for small and medium companies. 
    Suitable for up to 100 letters per day.
    Ensures you always have the best Royal Mail ...

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    Fx Series 7 Franking Machine

    Designed for medium sized enterprises.
    Suitable for up to 200 letters per day. 
    Latest generation of Franking machines including MailMark ...

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    Fx Series 7.5 Franking Machine

    Designed for medium sized enterprises.
    Suitable for up to 200 letters per day. 
    Latest generation of Franking machines including MailMark ...

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    Fx Series 9 Franking Machine

    The powerful solution for modern and professional looking business mail where speed and efficiency is required.
    Suitable for up to 1.000 letters ...

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    What is a franking machine?

    A franking machine is used to print a barcode on to a letter or parcel in place of a traditional postage stamp. A franking machine downloads and securely stores postage funds and is used to guide the user when choosing mail classes and special services. 
    Franking Machines can weigh letters and parcels and print the postage amount based on Royal Mail prices. Franked postage prices are always cheaper than stamps, no matter what class is sent. 

    Franking machine comparison

    As postage rates are at an all-time high, now is the time for businesses to seriously consider investing a franking machine. 
    The savings that can be made by using a franking machine are impressive for most any volume of mail.
    When comparing franking machines, the choice can be bewildering. Here at Frama we have created this handy guide to help you confidently choose the right Frama machine for your business needs.

    Stamps, franking and Mailmark

    • Stamps - This is the most expensive way to pay for postage in comparison to franking tariffs. Stamps use the standard Royal Mail pricing, with no discount of any kind.
    • Franking - A franking machine will provide a fantastic discount when compared to standard Royal Mail pricing. Franking machines with the basic discount are now quickly becoming outdated for newer franking technology.
    • Mailmark franking - Mailmark is the Royal Mail tariff which provides the very best postage costs available. A Mailmark franking machine automatically updates your machines internal price book to ensure that your business is always saving the most on postage costs. Frama were the first to market with Mailmark technology and all Frama franking machines are now Mailmark ready. For postage, a Mailmark franking machine is beyond compare.
    Headline savings
    Mail Type1st Class Letter (100g)2nd Class Letter (100g)1st Class Large Letter (up to 100g)2nd Class Large Letter (up to 100g)
    Franking Vs Stamps11p saving8p saving17p saving3p saving
    Mailmark Vs Franking6p saving9p saving6p saving9p saving
    Mailmark Vs Stamps17p saving17p saving23p saving12p saving

    If you would like to calculate the exact savings, please try our postal calculator .

    Which franking machine is best for my business?

    The Frama franking machine range is split in to three levels, small business, mid-range and high feature models with each range catering for different needs.

    • Small business - For smaller businesses with less volume of post, the Mailmark ready Fs Series 3 provide the best postage costs compared to both stamps and standard franking tariffs with all of the features you will need to process your daily postage requirements.
    • Mid-range – For businesses with higher volumes of mail or those who require more feature, the Fn Series 5 and Fn Series 7 provide the best postage costs compared to both stamps and standard franking tariffs with more features such as semi-automatic feeder.
    • High feature - For larger businesses with high volumes of mail, the Mailmark ready Fn Series 7.5 and Fn Series 9 provide the best postage costs compared to both stamps and standard franking tariffs with the most more features such as fully automatic feeder, label dispenser, full colour screen (Fn 9) and outstanding scale option such as stack weighing, dynamic weighing and weighing ranges up to 35 kg.

    How does Frama compare to other manufacturers?

    Frama has been in the postal services industry for over 50 years. One of only four manufacturers, Frama always compares favourably with other suppliers providing award winning products, fantastic value with excellent customer service and no hidden charges. 

    Benefits of working with a Frama franking machine

    • No hidden charges - No charge for postage top up or tariff updates
    • 50 years' worth of experience - Experts in mailing
    • Great customer satisfaction - Highest number of excellent reviews on Trustpilot
    • UK based service - A friendly local voice
    • Highest ink yields - More prints than any other manufacturer 

    What is franked mail?

    Franked mail uses a printed post mark instead of a stamp. By printing a postage mark directly onto an envelope or label rather than sticking a stamp on your outgoing mail, your business saves time and money and produces a much more professional looking mail piece. A printed postage mark can be added to letters, parcels with the use of a franking machine. Franked mail is not only a convienient time saver, but also provides access to the cheapest prices available from Royal Mail.

    How to use a franking machine?

    1. A Frama franking machine will always have the cheapest prices downloaded at all times.
    2. Place a mail item onto the scale on your franking machine.
    3. Select the Royal Mail service that you require; first class, second class, recorded or signed for.
    4. Next, select the logo that you would like to accompany the printed postage mark. This can be anything you choose, from your company logo to a event or campaign related message.
    5. Place the item into the feeder of the machine and the machine will pull the mail item through as print or "frank" the item.

    Larger machines in the Frama range can have additional automation upgrades, including an automatic feeder, conveyor stacker and/or lable dispenser. 

    Once you have franked your mail, you can either take it to your local Post Office using meter posting envelopes or if you send high volumes of mail, you can request Royal Mail to pick up your mail directly.

    How does a Franking machine work?

    All franking machines are licensed by the Royal Mail. When you want to send your mail items, you are able to use your franking machine to print a postage mark, or "frank", along with your company logo or message instead of using stamps. Your franking machine will weigh the item and print the correct postage amount based on the current Royal Mail prices. Franked postage rates are always cheaper than using stamps.

    What is a Mailmark franking machine?

    A franking machine that is specifically designed to work with the Royal Mail Mailmark rates is referred to as a "Mailmark ready" franking machine. A Mailmark frank mark includes a 2D barcode that the Royal Mail sorting system is able to read more efficiently. This allows Royal Mail to process mail in the most cost-efficient way. These cost savings are passed onto the customer providing the very best prices for postage available.

    Find out how much Mailmark franking machines can save you compared to stamps.

    Can I put franked mail in a post box?

    You can put your franked mail into a standard Royal Mail post box if it is inside of a "postage meter" envelope or inside of a normal envelope with your machine details on. In addition, there are multiple purpose built "franking mailboxes" around the country to drop your franked mail into freely. If you are unsure, you can take your franked mail into your local Post Office.

    What is Business Mail?

    Business Mail is a Royal Mail product presented by Frama which offers a discount to high volume users sending 250 or more letters in one transaction. As discounts are based on volume, the more letters sent in a single transaction, the bigger the discount! Qualifying mail items are cheaper than MailMark equivalent frank.

    Find out how Business Mail can save your business even more.

    What do our customers say about us?

    "Great customer service. Polite and helpful and quick on answering any questions"

    "We are very happy with Frama to such an extent that we have resigned with them to provide Franking Machines for our three regional offices for another 6 years. My thanks to Chrissy, Heidi, Donna, Paul, Martin and everyone at the head office"

    "Great communication throughout the contract renewal and follow up emails and a call to make sure I was happy with my purchase"

    "Great product that ensure compliance within our regulatory requirements. Fantastic customer service from Mike with a 'nothing is too much trouble' approach"

    Can I put a slogan on my Frama franking machine?

    Yes you can have a slogan on your Frama fanking machine. With a Slogan added to your Frama franking machine you can communicate with your customers before they open their envelopes by adding a message or a logo of your choice. To add a new logo please email