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1.Daily mail: How many sendings does your daily letter volume cover?


2. Mailings: Of how many sendings does a typical mailing consist?


3. Do you send parcels more than 5 kg?

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Frama F12 franking machine

Matrix F12 franking machine

The Frama Franking machine Matrix F12 guarantees ease of use with the patented ComTouch™ interface and the latest Mailmark technology.

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Frama stack weigh feature

Matrix F22 franking machine

With the  Matrix F series  generation of products, Frama has redefined the functionality of a Franking machine. The Franking machine Matrix F22 ...

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Frama F32 franking machine one touch system

Matrix F32 franking machine

Royal Mail tariff information is tracked and automatically updated on your Franking machine to ensure you always have the latest Royal Mail tariff ...

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Frama F42 franking machine

Matrix F42 franking machine

Matrix F series is the latest generation of Franking machines using Royal Mail Mailmark technology.

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Frama F62 franking machine

Matrix F62 franking machine

The best price/performance Franking machine available today, saving significant money on postal costs.

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Frama F82 franking machine

Matrix F82 franking machine

The Frama Matrix F82 is the ideal solution to save on postage costs for a busy mailroom operation.

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The cheapest price is not always the best deal

Frama have been the experts in franking machine design and production for over 45 years.

Be sure on Total Cost of Ownership

Frama have built a fiercely loyal following through an honest approach to pricing and the personal care of each and every one of our customers. The business strives to continually deliver this vision to the growing number of businesses who are becoming disillusioned with the competition.

Why are we different?

Frama have achieved this market position through a ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ model. As many businesses will attest, a high number of products and services are plagued by hidden contract charges. By the end of a contract, the price you saw is rarely the price you have paid overall.

  • No hidden charges
  • Guard against cheap headline prices. Frama is upfront with pricing with no additional surprise charges.
  • Best value ink
  • Up to 50% more capacity ink cartridges, saving hundreds of pounds per year
  • Dedicated account management
  • One-to-one customer care with your very own Account Manager.
  • UK based service centre
  • A friendly and familiar voice, resolving your queries more efficiently.
  • Customer experience
  • Honesty, integrity and care at every step of the way.
  • Proven track record
  • Happy customer base backed up by exceptional Trustpilot scoring

A frank and honest service

Frama prides itself on offering market-leading products and services with upfront, transparent pricing. No additional fees and a hassle free approach to aftersales should anything go wrong.

If your business is looking to stand out from the crowd, drive engagement and improve cash flow through higher campaign ROI, Frama UK are ready and waiting to provide you with the tools you will need to succeed!

Proven design with the latest technology

Matrix F series is the latest generation of franking systems for a wide range of applications. Each franking system is perfectly matched to your business requirements and outbound mail volumes. All Matrix F series products are operated exclusively from a touchscreen.

  • Mailmark™ compliant
  • Large back-lit touchscreen display with 18 OneTouch functions
  • Integrated Ethernet LAN interface (RJ45)
  • Perfect integration of the scale with pop-up weight display and automatic postage recalculation
  • 9 cost centres (can be expanded) with clear text designation in reports
  • 3 freely definable advertising stamps
  • 3 built-in graphic messages
  • 2 text messages which can be freely entered
  • Flexibility with a professional appearance for your outgoing mail
  • Top-quality printing of postage amount and your advertising stamp with HQPrint mode
  • 10 mm thickness capacity, integrated side ejection of letters
  • Extremely user-friendly, totally self-explanatory
  • Always the latest postage rates thanks to online tariff updates via FramaOnline2