Folding Machines

Automatic folding and inserting machines

DS-40i folding machine

Small business document folding and inserting machine.
Space saving design.
Low noise operation.

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Frama DS63

DS-63 folding machine

Medium volume document folding and inserting machine.
Perfect for direct mail campaigns.
Saves time and money.

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Frama DS75

DS-75 folding machine

Folding & inserting machine for SME companies.
Powerful yet compact machine.
Can process up to 3,800 sheets per hour.

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Frama DS85

DS-85 folding machine

High volume folding and inserting machine.
Can process up to 4000 items per hour.
Available in several configurations.

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Frama Folder Inserters

What is a folding inserting machine?

A folding & inserting machine is a device used to fold documents and then automatically them into envelopes. Predominantly used for direct mailing campaigns, folding & inserting machines offer a way to automate mail preparation eliminating much of the manual labour that’s involved in preparing outgoing mail.

What are the benefits of a folding machine?

Have you ever spent hours folding letters and pushing them into envelopes? A folding machine will automate this process for you.

  • Save time: A folding inserting machine can process more items than someone doing it manually. The most experienced mail processors will be easily outperformed by an automatic folding machine.
  • Save money: A folding machine has the potential to reduce labour hours required when preparing the mail. Large mailings that traditionally may have required a team of envelope stuffers to manually fold and insert documents are automatically completed at a fraction of the cost to the business.
  • Professional finish: Folding and inserting mail into envelopes en mass, it can be hard to be consistent. Folding and inserting every item in exactly the same way is virtually impossible. Missing items, bent letters, addresses incorrectly aligned in the window; these are just some of the issues you’ll see with manually-packed mailing. A folding and inserting machine eliminates these issues.
  • Accurate organisation: A typical issue with manually-packed mailings is accurately organising those finished items ready to send. When people are packing a lot of mail items they get tired. Mistakes are made and letters get mixed up. Some customers might get two letters while others get none. Most modern folding inserting machines are fitted with advanced features, such as double-document detection and barcode matching, which help you greatly reduce the chances of these issues occurring.

These are some of the general benefits that a folding inserting machine can bring your business but there may be more depending on the type and scale of folder inserter you select;

  • Automate preparation of invoices, newsletters, marketing campaigns etc.
  • Improve presentation of bulk outgoing mail
  • Aid personalisation of content to individuals
  • Ensure confidential information reaches the right person
  • Easy to use, with job memories and intuitive screen navigation

We have four folding machine options to fit any scale of operation, and systems that can give your mail the professional appearance you want.

Let Frama help you to optimise your mailing output.


The Frama Folding Machine range is split in to three levels, Small business, mid-range and high feature models with each range catering for different needs.

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