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Frama RMail is a unique solution, designed specifically to keep you and your data safe.

Via a simple plugin to your Outlook or Gmail email, you can encrypt your emails, send documents for e-signature, and much, much more.

Frama Rmail - How it Works

Frama Rmail is a world-leading Registered Encryption Email solution, specifically designed to help businesses exchange digital information between your business and your customers and partners safely and securely.

In addition to the highest level of security available (Frama Rmail is the ONLY email encryption service that is allowed as evidence in a UK court), we also offer a wealth of benefits engineered to protect your data and make it easy to exchange sensitive information online.

Businesses who Office365 or Gmail for their email communications choose Frama Rmail because of its elegant user experience, especially for the recipient, and for the Registered Receipt proof of GDPR privacy compliance, e-delivery proof, and tracking record.

Other encryption and e-signature services require the recipient to click links, register, and then login to retrieve an encrypted email. This causes a massive un-opened rate as receiver get frustrated having to click multiple links and enter passwords in order to read the contents of the communication. Frama RMail always delivers direct to the recipient inbox without any registration or download requirements. 

No Downloads Required

Frama Rmail plugs directly into your existing Outlook or Gmail email provider, so users see it 'built-in'. No downloads are required on the part of the recipient, and no passwords need to be entered to access the solution from the sender.

Simplest User Experience

Frama Rmail is the easiest to use email encryption available - not only for your recipients, but also for the sender. One-click and your email is protected.

Audit Trail for GDPR Compliance

Each sent email contains a verfiable audit trail, so the sender can see when it has arrived, when it has been read, and if it has been altered or forwarded to other recipients. Each encrypted email contains audit-ready proof of GDPR compliance.

Large File Share

Up to 1GB files can be sent encrypted, reducing the risk of external parties accessing your OneDrive, Dropbox, or any other online drive heirarchy. The reply message and any attachment(s) automatically transmit back to the sender encrypted, regardless of the receiver's system and without the need for additional logins.

All these features, as well as those listed below, come as standard. At Frama, we believe in transparency and honesty - we don't charge additional or hidden costs for any of our world-class solutions. This is why we have a 5-star rating across all feedback platforms such as TrustPilot and Trustist.  


And right now, you can get all of this FREE for 30 days, with no obligation, and no small print. Try it for yourself.


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