Encrypted Emails and Electronic Signatures

In the business world of 2021, secure communication with partners and customers is critical.

Frama Rmail - the world's only all-in-one encrypted email, electronic signature, large file transfer and registered email plugin has been designed to meet these challenges, providing a level of security that covers all your outgoing communications. No other solution on the market compares.


Single Kontakt

Electronic Document Signing

Accelerate your document sign-off procedures and attach ANY document for your recipient to electronically sign from any device, anywhere in the world.

  • Send documents or create templates for signing safely and securely
  • No more waiting for contracts to be signed
  • Transfer large files securely directly from Outlook or the dedicated web app
  • Drastically speeds up the signing process for remote workers
  • Easily view document status and track those waiting to be completed
  • Dashboard configuration to suit your business

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Encrypted Emails

Legal, verifiable proof of delivery and content with our Registered Receipt™ record.

  • Track and monitor all your outgoing mail without leaving Outlook/Gmail
  • No action required on recipients end
  • At-a-glance proof of content, delivery and opens
  • Legally admissable
  • Perfect for organisations with remote workers
  • Plug-in directly to Outlook and/or Gmail
  • Encrypt easily with optional password protection

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