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Rmail - Secure and Verifiable E -mail

When sending an electronic message that absolutely has to arrive at the desired destination or the time of receipt is important, email users can now send these messages with confidence.

RMail messages can be sent from automated applications, from desktop, web and from the most popular mobile platforms.

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RMail Product Microsite

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Trace and verify your email communication

Track your important emails to know exactly when these were delivered, opened and read .

For each transaction, signature on a document or the transmission of an encrypted e-mail a delivery receipt is generated: the Registered Receipt. The receipt includes the data and information that you need in order to prove who said what, when and to whom.

One-click encryption

As new privacy laws and requirements are put in place, many companies are looking at adding encryption or upgrading their current encryption products. Most products on the market today are complex and resource-intensive, adding extra steps for users and requiring more time from employees and clients; time that is simply no longer available in today‘s tight economic environment.

Frama RMail is a perfect solution for e-mail privacy. Easy to use, RMail allows you to encrypt your emails with a single click. When combined with the unique Registered Receipt, you will be protected from compensation claims regarding data protection breaches. 

RMail will provide you with the proof that you need to win any challenge regarding security of data within an email.

Electronic signature

Electronically signing a document is not difficult. Just typing your name at the bottom of a document or email can have all the legal force of a handwritten signature if all parties have proof that you are the author of the specific content. But if you don’t have that proof, then electronic signing is legally worthless.

The RMail system will provide this proof.



Large file transfer

Using couriers or fax for large document deliveries and for receipts is expensive and cumbersome.

There is a better way; use the RMail Service!

RMail proves legal time of delivery and content for any email and document delivery 100% of the time, regardless of recipient action.

Delivery direct to inbox is available for messages up to 20MB and a downloadable link for messages and files up to 1GB.