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Large file transfer

If you want to send large files via e-mail, you will find that most e-mail providers only allow an attachment up to a specific file size, usually quite small.

With RMail Large Mail you can send attachments up to a size of 1 GB.

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Automatic activation

As an additional function Large Mail can be configured so that when file attachments over a certain size are detected, the Large Mail function is automatically activated.

Manuelle Aktivierung von LargeMail im Outlook Optionen-Panel

Manual Activation

You decide from case to case. Simply activate the Large Mail option when required, add your desired files and then click "Send ".

Proof of delivery

Only with the RMail proof of delivery Registered Receipt will you receive a report on the delivery status, the date of service and original content.

This report is legally verifiable and admissible in a courtroom setting.