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Electronic signatures

Electronically signing is not difficult. You simply type your name or confirm an email. Have you ever considered, however,  if this signature would be legally recognised?

Electronic signatures produced by the Frama RMail service allows you to provide your documents and agreements with the most comprehensive legal and most internationally recognised electronic signature service.

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Verifiable electronic signatures

Each system for electronic signatures must be able to map the individual steps of the process.

This concerns the contents of the documents at the time of signature and who signed what by the respective recipients. 

The patented Registered Receipt email is acknowledgement of receipt and is able to provide legally, verifiable proof of delivery and content.

Digital Seal

The Digital Seal protection is a form of digital signature for the sender. Digital Seal protection lets the sender electronically sign their email so the receiver or future recipient can verify the integrity and authorship of that email.

The Digital Seal service adds a seal, signature, time and date stamp to each page of any attached PDFs.


Allows the recipient to electronically sign and timestamp an email and each page of attachment(s) entirely by email with no links or clickthroughs and no special software or email programs.

Upon sign-off the service automatically converts attachments to a PDF record that is signed, sealed and timestamped on each page.

A true paperless solution that eliminates the need to print, sign, fax, and/or mail contracts!


Both the sender and recipient can electronically sign and timestamp the same email and attachments. Creates a bilateral, legally binding and enforceable contract.

The sender sends a message to recipient with eSignOff request, receives back the signed-off email and then countersigns with Digital Seal.

Alternatively, the parties can forward message and attachments to a third party for countersignature.