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One-click encryption

As new privacy laws and requirements are put in place, many companies are looking at adding encryption or upgrading their current encryption products. Most products on the market today are complex and resource-intensive, adding extra steps for users and requiring more time from employees and clients; time that is simply no longer available in today‘s tight economic environment.

Frama RMail is a perfect solution for e-mail privacy. Easy to use, RMail allows you to encrypt your emails with a single click. When combined with the unique Registered Receipt, you will be protected from compensation claims regarding data protection breaches. 

RMail will provide you with the proof that you need to win any challenge regarding security of data within an email.

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For more information and to view product videos please visit our RMail product microsite:

RMail Product Microsite.

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RMail Verschlüsselung.

Compliant email encryption

RMail is easy to use and provides a unique combination of features:

  • End to end encryption without caching the data and without additional clicks, downloads or web account.
  • Detectable, provable delivery receipt for sender through the unique Registered Receipt.
  • No special requirements.Several options for the exchange of passwords.
  • Recipient replies are also encrypted.

Options for delivering a password

    • Manually transmit password over the phone.
    • Automatically send the password via email.
    • Use of a previously agreed password.
    • Recipient can click on a link to display the password
    • Receiver can specify a default password via RMail server

Proof of delivery

Only with the RMail proof of delivery Registered Receipt will you receive a report on the delivery status, the date of service and original content.

This report is legally verifiable and admissible in a courtroom setting.