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Frama RMail for business customers is a powerful tool to take on the challenges which come with digital communication and data security in the 21st century.

Whilst developing the standard e-mail in the last century, no attention was paid to confidentiality, integrity and security. Regardless, the e-mail has been established in addition to the letter as the main medium in B2B and B2C communications.

Standard e-mails have the security level of a postcard written in pencil. The information contained within an e-mail can be altered or read during or after transmission.

With the integrity of content, record of distribution, and date of sending and arrival always in question, who knows for certain who sent what when, and to whom?

With the General Data Protection Regulation being introduced in May 2018, protection of sensitive data will be more important then ever before. 

This is where Frama RMail services can help your business.

RMail: the solution for legal, verifiable proof of delivery and content

Unique: send e-mail as a registered letter, with proof of content and a high degree of confidentiality .

Only with the RMail Registered e-mail can you provide a Registered e-mail Receipt.

Signing for receipt of the transmitted content is supplemented by an official time stamp and delivery information. .

For more information and to view product videos please visit our RMail product microsite:

RMail Product Microsite

RMail , the solution for efficient, traceable and verifiable digital communication.

RMail Product Microsite