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Secure Digital Communications

  Encrypted     Verifiable    Audit-ready   GDPR-compliant

As part of any digital transformation process, secure communication with your customers and partners is crucial. More and more UK businesses are adopting email as their primary source of communication, both internally and externally. The digital dissemination of data is, however, prone to enormous risks. 90% of all cyber attacks now take place via email. Frama's digital solutions are designed to support you in making your business communications secure, GDPR-compliant and audit-ready, whether this involves the encryption of sensitive data sent via email, or secure contact management. With Frama, you can even now frank your outgoing post online.

Secure emails for companies

Encrypt emails and secure your data with a simple plugin to your existing email.

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E-sign & Contract Management

Manage workflows with e-signatures and contract templates

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Frank mail online

Create and print your own stamps online and control postage spend

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