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E-signatures have become the normal process for document and contract control - but is your business' digital signature service giving you everything you need? Frama Rsign supports you in optimising, automating, and managing multiple contracts simultaneously, giving you full and seamless control over your contract signing process. Frama Rsign works on any browser, offering you the greatest possible flexibility and independence in your document workflows, without compromising data protection guidelines. 

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Frama RSign

Stay flexible

Create, manage and sign documents
anywhere and anytime

Frama Rsign is the perfect solution for the hybrid workplace, with document control handled through our secure webapp. No need for account opening, software installation or passwords for the recipient.
Device agnostic - access from any connected end device
Paperless contract management process
Automated contract processing

Frama RSign drag and drop

Easy edit of complex contracts

Intuitive document creation
via drag & drop

No more complicated form editors. Simple upload of Word, Excel, or PSF file. Create a document via drag and drop and you're ready to go.
Create individual templates and email cover letter
Define mandatory fields, specify field lengths, colours and fonts
Save completed documents as templates for later use

Frama RSign document creation

Design complete workflows

Simple, configurable
document creation and delivery

Link roles, document routing and other specific settings to your document. RSign templates contain a complete process flow linked to the original "master" document.
Assignment of signatory roles and individual expiry dates
Settings for reminders and notifications
Define email cover letters, ABG's, document access and transport

Frama RSign templates and rules

Reduce your workload

Templates and rules
for frequently used documents

Nothing is more depressing than constantly recreating a contract that you only have as a paper version or as a scanned document. Once created, you can save all documents as a template or rule and reuse them later.
Define preferences, roles and functions for the signer
Save placeholders, field tags and positions
Later simply select your template and add the signer's data

Frama RSgin share of templates

Share your templates easily and securely

Share documents with your team
of files and records

Easily share templates across your organisation. Increase efficiency and transparency, and accelerate document workflow
Contracts and documents can be easily standardised
Content and wording to meet the quality requirements of your company
 Control branding and company integrity across all documentation

Frama RSign password

More security for your contract documents

Compliance with international
data protection and eSign laws

Send your documents securely and password-protected for opening and/or signing and at the same time receive a verifiable and auditable proof of compliance.
End-to-end encryption without intermediate storage of data
Compliance with the latest data protection regulations
Compliant with GDPR, eIDAS, HIPAA, ESIGN and UETA guidelines

Frama RSign reminder

Manage workloads

Never miss a deadline again
set reminders for key documents

Frama RSign can be configured to send the signatory a friendly notification reminding them that there is still a document waiting to be signed - no more deadline day drift.
Define individual expiry dates for individual documents
Configure automatic follow-ups
Out Of Office: Automatic forwarding of documents to your holiday replacement

Frama RSign API

Designed around your business processes

Integrate into your existing systems
Automated workflows

Frama Rsign API's can be applied to integrate the solution into almost any existing business solution
API Integration with CRM systems
API for sending for signature and retrieving signed documents
API for reporting and documentation

Data Security Information (click to expand)

Where is the data stored?
- All Frama Rsign data is stored within the EU GDPR region

What data is always stored?
- Contract data (email address of the user, surname, first name) and associated plan
- Original documents as part of templates / rules

What data can be stored?
- Transaction data (signature log)
- Final document

How is the data stored?
- The data is stored encrypted (Elastic Block Encryption, certified PKI key handling according to FIPS 140-2)

How long is the data stored?
- The duration of storage is determined by the client admin.
- Possibilities:
            - No storage of final signed documents
            - Limitation of storage in steps up to 365 days

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