Franking Made Easy

At Frama, we listen.

We listened when you said that the process for getting a new franking machine was too complicated. We listened when you said that endless emails between suppliers was too time-consuming. We listened when you said that receiving detailed quotes with endless terms and conditions was difficult to interpret. We listened when you said that hidden costs from some suppliers made the price of a franking machine out of reach for many.

So we decided to change things up a bit.

Now you can get a franking machine for a tenner a month, without having to spend days poring through quotes, responding to emails, and taking calls from salespeople. As soon as we receive the paperwork, we can normally get a machine out to you within 4-5 working days. And then it's yours for the next 12 months.

If you're sending less than 100 letters a week, simply click on the 'Buy Now' button below, fill in the form and get a franking machine.

It's now that simple.

If your postage volumes are higher, click here to let us know and we'll get you the best deal in the market.


All costs exclusve of VAT. Once the order form has been completed, Frama UK will send the payment form for the franking machine lease and the direct debit for your postage to the provided email address. Please ensure that you are authorised to complete this order on behalf of your company. All orders are legally binding. Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Frama Franking Machine

Suitable for up to 100 letters per week

12-month rental


per month (+VAT)

Why Frama?

Frama has been providing franking machines for businesses around the world for more than 45 years. It's what we do. 

Our mission is to help businesses just like yours increase efficiencies and productivity, through the application of cutting-edge technology and innnovation.

Through the last 5 decades, we have specialised in the development and manufacture of mail processing and secure data management systems. We have introduced a number of innovation developments to the marketplace, including the first Mailmark technology and franking machine efficiencies.

Historically, obtaining a franking machine could be a long-winded and frustrating process. Endless emails between multiple suppliers, pushy salespeople, quotes with hidden costs buried in the smallprint that only become apparent when a massive bill arrives a few months later. This is why our latest innovation is to make the whole process much easier.

We are the ONLY franking machine provider to publish our prices online because we believe in transparency and honesty.


Five Star Reviews

Although we can tell you about our great products and fine service, is it always better to hear it from our happy customers. Our Trustpilot score continues to maintain its impressive performance and provides extensive testimony regarding our commitment to customer experience. Frama is currently the highest rated Franking machine supplier in the UK.