Innovation and History

Frama AG, founded in 1970, has always been characterised by progressive evolution towards greater convenience, enhanced intelligence and constant improvement. Up until the end of the eighties, we manufactured mechanical masterpieces – robust Franking machines that provided trouble-free service for decades. Since then we have incrementally and systematically replaced mechanical components with electronics for simpler and more cost-effective operation. At the same time we have developed comprehensive modular solutions with great development potential; they grow along with the tasks they are given, offering you ideal investment protection.

By concentrating our talent in a single location, we systematically preserve and develop strategic know-how in-house at our Swiss headquarters.

Our Franking machines and letter openers are manufactured in Switzerland – according to state-of-the-art technology and unsurpassed quality standards, by highly qualified employees who receive first class training.

Our unique technological competence gives us the independence, flexibility and speed of response required for a continuous market inflow of bench marking innovations.

 Insight into milestones of the business development of Frama:

  • 2014: Frama is the first manufacturer to receive Royal Mail approval for the new Mailmark™ technology in the UK
  • 2011: Frama launches analogue to TCP/IP converter for Franking machines(F-Link)
  • 2005: Frama is the first company in Switzerland to receive certification according to BSI Grundschutz based on ISO 27001
  • 2000: Frama launches worlds fastest inkjet machine (Mailmax)
  • 1998: Frama launches worlds fastest thermo transfer Franking machine (OfficeMail)
  • 1996: Frama introduces the world's first Franking machine with a touch-screen (Sensonic)
  • 1993: Frama launches the world's first Franking machine with integrated tariff calculation (Model EPS)
  • 1984: Frama launches the world's first Franking machine with automatic date change
  • 1976: Delivery of the first Frama stamp vending machines to Swiss Post